[[[Call for Your Cooperation]]] Opinion Ad Campaign to Demand Abandonment of Nuclear Energy Policies

Call for Your Cooperation:
Opinion Ad Campaign to Demand Abandonment of Nuclear Energy Policies

"We demand the halt of FBR Monju*, reprocessing facilities and nuclear power plants."

* To learn more about Fast Breeder Reactor (FBR) Monju, see "What is FBR Monju?" below.

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Since the huge earthquake hit Japan on March 11th 2011, the archipelago has
entered the period of high-level seismic activity. Another series of big earthquakes attacked Kyushu in April this year. Moreover, several seismologists warns that the day of Nankai Megathrust Earthquakes is getting closer. In this country of earthquakes and volcanoes, no one knows if we could prevent another “earthquake-nuclear complex disaster” from occurring again. Above all, if any severe accidents hit FBR Monju or reprocessing facilities, the consequential disaster will not only ruin Japan as a whole but also bring world-wide catastrophe.

More than 12 trillion yen (110 billion USD) spent to the nuclear fuel cycle policies has all gone down the drain due to the continuous troubles, accidents and scandals. It has become clear that the nuclear wastes are wastes, and not “resources” for energy.

We ask, therefore, everyone to help us end Monju, reprocessing and other nuclear power plants so that we can prevent another disaster from occurring.

Stop restarts and go for Nuke Power Free Japan!
We have had enough, surplus energy without operating nuclear power plants. Population is getting smaller, and larger number of people has taken advantage of energy-savings and renewable energies. There are no needs what so ever to restart nuclear power plants. Rather, the amount of damage caused by a severe accident is estimated to be no less than 50 trillion yen (458.5 billion USD): above all, it oppresses and threatens the life of people. Let us get together to stop such catastrophe.

Now, we are making efforts to put a full-page opinion advertisement on Mainichi Shinbun (nation-wide newspaper) in autumn this year. We hope you would cooperate with us in this endeavor!

======How to cooperate?======
1. Please help disseminate this campaign: e.g. by putting this flyer up at Facebook or Twitter.
2. Please contribute whatever amount to us (putting opinion ad on big newspapers costs a lot!):
Account [Japan Post Bank account]
Name of account holder: 意見広告市民の会 (Iken Koukoku Shimin no Kai)
Code number | Check digit | Account number
00930 | 5 | 3548
For the detailed explanation on remittance to Japan post Bank account from overseas, see "Remittance from overseas banks" below.

Outline of Opinion Ad Campaign
1. A full-page Ad is to appear in autumn on Mainichi Shinbun (nation-wide newspaper).
2. Contents: demand for the end of FBR Monju and reprocessing plants, and for giving up restarts of nuclear power plants
3. The cost necessary for putting ad: 6,400,000 yen (58,700 USD)
4. Names of individuals and groups who contributed to this campaign will bee printed on the ad.
Please let us know in advance if you do not want your name appear on the ad.

What is Fast Breeder Reactor (FBR) Monju?
FBR Monju (located in Fukui Prefecture) differs from a normal, light-water reactor in many respects: it uses MOX fuel (consisting of plutonium and uranium), and is cooled by liquid sodium. If attacked by a severe accident, the plutonium will cause much severe damage to public health than the case of Fukushima Daiichi accident.

FBR is so called because it “breeds” larger amount of plutonium than it consumes. When FBRs are used in "breeder" mode, plutonium is produced in a blanket of depleted uranium around the core. The plutonium produced in the blanket has a concentration of 98% plutonium-239, the most convenient plutonium isotope for nuclear weapons production. Therefore, it is all too natural to regard Japan (with this facility) as a potentially “nuclear weapon state”.

Structurally, it has a stronger tendency to bring about nuclear runaway than the normal reactors. Sodium, when it touches air, burns fiercely, and when touches water, explodes. In Monju, a huge amount of heated sodium runs through pipes side-by-side water: with one wrong move, this situation can cause the severe sodium-water reaction and explosive fire. In fact, Monju experienced sodium-leak and fire accident in 1995.

Moreover, the range/speed of change in temperature of coolant sodium is enormous and drastic: such change gives a big thermal-transient stress to the material of pipes through which sodium runs (Imagine when you put a really heated glass into iced water: by the sudden change in temperature, it cracks or breaks away). This requires thin-walled piping to minimize the stresses, which, however, means the vulnerability to physical trembles. That is, Monju is destined to be very vulnerable to earthquake.

========= Remittance from overseas banks =========
Remittances in either USD or EUR can be made from overseas banks, via a designated intermediary bank.
The information shown below is required to make a remittance from an overseas bank to a Japan Post Bank integrated account or giro account. Please note that if there are any mistakes or omissions, the remittance may not reach our bank. In addition, if the money remitted is returned to the sending bank, other charges and expenses may be deducted by the intermediary bank.
Please note that remittances to Japan cannot be made from certain financial institutions. For details, please ask your local bank.

For more information, please visit Japan Post Bank website:

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グレゴリー・ヤツコ米NRC元委員長 来日インタビューの記事(その1)&講演記録DVD


記事へのリンク→ http://www.kyoto-np.co.jp/politics/article/20150213000175




●2015 2 12 東京参議院議員会館院内ヒアリング 記録DVD(120分)
 パネラー:広瀬隆 村田光平 中嶌哲演 東井怜 小松梨津子
 ヒアリング 原子力規制委員会 経産省 環境省 復興庁 東京電力

●2015 2 14 グレゴリー・ヤツコ大阪講演 あべともこ衆議院議員 記録DVD(120分)
 グレゴリー・ヤツコ(元NRC米国原子力規制委員会委員長) あべともこ衆議院議員

連絡先:ストップ・ザ・もんじゅ stopthemonju@sannet.ne.jp

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【日時】2015年2月12日(木)、開場12:30 開演13:00
●パネラー:広瀬隆、岡野眞治 村田光平、中嶌哲演、東井怜、小松梨津子
  ツイッター: @stopthemonju


【日時】2015年2月14日(土)、13:00開場 13:30開演
【参加費】前売1300円 当日1500円
【主催】脱原発政策実現全国ネットワーク 関西・福井ブロック
  ツイッター: @stopthemonju
名義:ストップ・ザ・もんじゅ ※「2.14賛同」と明記



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La justice japonaise interdit la mise en marche de réacteurs nucléaires (au Japon, aucun réacteur n’est en marche) : Extraits du texte de la sentence du 21 mai 2014

Le 21mai 2014, la Justice japonaise interdit le fonctionnement des réacteurs nucléaires
No3 et No4 de la centrale OHI (Fukui, Japon) suite à une plainte déposée par 166 citoyens résidant dans un rayon autour de la centrale.

PDF File
fukui district court_texte définitif.pdf

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